DMWD Family Tip: Good Parenting Prevents Drug Abuse

Could your children  be at risk for substance abuse? Don’t be naive or in denial.

Families everyday  all over Australia strive to find the best ways to raise their children to live happy, healthy, productive and meaningful lives. Parents are often concerned about whether their children will start or are already using drugs such as tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and others, including the abuse of prescription drugs.  There are tons of research that  show the important role that parents can play in preventing their children from starting to use drugs in the first . There is nothing new that we already don’t know.

DMWD questionnaires and surveys indicates that good parenting comes down to some simple concepts.  Don’t take this for granted or ignore it.

Theses are  things  all parents individually and together as a couple   need to do.  Based on these basic actions , its pretty simple to work out a family plan and living arrangements that all parties can be reasonably  confident about.  Try it. It works. 99.9 % of you won’t even need outside professional help in such matters. Each parent has it in them to work out such things with their children .  These are children that you  love and care about. Your children will appreciate it. You won’t regret it.



  • Communicate calmly and clearly with your children ( 16-24 ) about any relationship  issues. If you can – bingo: you have solved the # 1 issue. If you don’t communicate you can’t connect. The best way to connect is to share a meal as a family. Or go watch your children play and actually watch them play. See the transformation in your children if you just talk to them at their and listen to their concerns.
  • Encourage and enforce positive behaviour in your children  on a daily basis. Easier said than done. Keep at it.
  • There will always be some conflicts (emotional or otherwise) in every parent/children relationship. Be honest and straightforward in negotiating a workable solution. Not easy. There is help available. Contact DMWD for help.
  • Things can get out hand sometimes with children of all ages. Set some limits that you children can follow and explain why these limits are imposed and do it in a calm and collective manners. Set some limits upon yourself to set an example.
  • Monitor your children in a normal  manner and if you still have concerns or have doubts discuss the issues with your children and let them know you will seek external help to improve the situation.


Still too hard. Don’t worry . Come to a DMWD information session or ask DMWD to help you and your children.