The DMWD Foundation conducts a range of events throughout the year at national, state and local community levels. See the following list of DMWD’s key public events.

Contact us via email at to find out more about what is available in your area.

Annual Football [Soccer] Tournament, Oberon📌⚽
Annual General Meeting📌
Annual Presentation Night📌
Community BBQ📌📌📌📌📌📌📌📌📌📌📌📌
DMWD Speaker Series📌📌📌📌📌📌📌📌
Fundraising BBQ📌📌📌📌📌📌📌📌📌📌📌📌
Local Branch & Committee Meetings📌📌📌📌📌📌📌📌📌📌📌📌
National Board Meeting📌📌📌📌📌📌
National DMWD Awareness Week📌
DMWD National Door Knock Campaign📌
DMWD National Drug Conference📌
Problem & Solution Panel Discussions📌📌📌📌📌📌📌📌
PublicationsDigital Journal Nov 2018📌📌📌
State Board Meetings📌📌📌📌📌📌
School Visits
DMWD Education Program📌📌📌📌📌📌📌📌📌📌📌📌

BE GOOD.DO GOOD . DON’T MESS WITH DRUGS.    @dmwdfoundation