We hold the following events on a regular basis and or upon community requests.

Community information evenings: Usually for 35-40 minutes followed by a Q&A session. Light refreshments and meals may be provided. Check our events calendar for upcoming events or email us for details of events in your area or an area closest to you. Information evenings are currently held in the following areas : North Sydney and surrounding areas, Blacktown and surrounding areas, Sutherland and surrounding areas, Castle Hill and surrounding areas, South Sydney and surrounding areas and Ashfield and Inner West Areas.

Sporting Club visits and presentation : If you are a sporting club or Association and have a local premise and can host us, then DMWD would be more than happy to present to students, sportspeople and  players, parents, carers . Our presentations are modified to suit various audiences and vary from 15 minutes to 60 minutes. DMWD will formally run pilot programs for Football Associations in Blacktown and Sutherland during the latter part of 2017. Please check our events calendar for details of where and which sports DMWD will do pilot or full programs.

Schools visits: We do school visits and presentations during the day. If available, an ambassador (usually a high profile sports person – current or retired) would accompany our presenters to talk to students and teachers (and parents). If you are a school representative and feel the need for us to visit your school please email us. We can present to the whole school assembly or to individual classes and groups. Full programs will be conducted after an initial pilot program.

Fundraising events: Various. Contact us for details for our various community fundraising events. Funds raised from these events directly help DMWD with its community events.

Community  functions: Various. We hold either standalone events or in partnership with other community groups. Contact us for details. These events also raise funds for DMWD community services.

Contact us via email at to find out more about what is available in your area.

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