DMWD Community Garden Started in Oberon

The Don’t Mess With Drugs Foundation Community Garden Project Oberon was started in February 2019. It aims to establish an edible garden in Oberon full of home-grown fruits, vegetables and herbs for all local residents to use and enjoy.

Oberon Fresh Produce at 72 Albion Street has kindly donated one of its 25-metre-long planting trays to this inaugural DMWD Community food growing and sharing garden in Oberon. This means plants are grown in pots above the grown

Oberon businessman and local of 8 years Chris Freeman said he was proud to be part of getting this project started. The Oberon council, added Chris, had allocated a spot for a local community garden so this project is a good start to get some of the locals involved and when the Council Community Garden is up and running then the DMWD Garden plants can easily be transferred over.

The DMWD Community Garden Project aims to have a range of edible plants and herbs grown by locals, based on the season, with any excess shared with others.

The Oberon Fresh Produce site is ideal given that it is setup as a hydroponic farm and operates as a market garden. So there is expertise and assistance available to help increase the success of the produce and help maintain the garden especially when other commitments prevent locals from tending to the plants.

The key advantages of the Oberon Fresh Produce site is that:

· Plants are grown in pots
· Uses 20 times less water than soil-based gardening
· The environment is sterile, which means no pesticides
· 20% less space is needed for growing
· No soil setup and testing hassles
· Harvesting is easier
· No mulching, tilling, changing of soil and weeding
· Ongoing monitoring by Oberon Fresh Produce staff
· It also has adequate parking, a toilet and is close to Oberon town.

Mr Freeman said he hoped this project would pique the interest of locals to come along and give it a go and help the DMWD Community Garden project come to fruition for the benefit of all.

For more information or to join the Community Garden Project, contact the DMWD Foundation on