A technical problem with the tape used to “shoot” the story involving female athletes from the Athlete Acceleration Program (AAP) from Hockey NSW undertaking the Don’t Mess with Drugs Major Education Pilot program 2, has meant that the story will be
“redone “.

Channel Seven News planned to “run “the story this week, however, when the reporter went to look at the tape, it was found to be faulty and not usable for television purposes. Seven News Reporter and Presenter, Michelle Bishop who is covering the story was disappointed: “This is a story that needs to be told, that there is a proactive organization (DMWD) who are trying to educate young sportsmen and women into making well thought out decisions when it comes to drug taking. We are embarrassed at what has happened, and we are glad that a re-shoot has been organised so that the story can be told.”

”With the NSW Sports Minister indicating an initial interest in supporting the program through Sport NSW, this appears to be a very serious effort by DMWD, Sport NSW and the NSW Government to attack this dreadful community problem. Channel Seven are strong supporters of what is being done here.”
It is most fortunate that Lesson 3 was already scheduled for Saturday December 16 for the female players who were converging from all over NSW for the camp for the elite hockey players. The males (Under 16/18 also) will be doing their Lesson 3 on the Sunday December 17 as per the previous schedule (November 4/5). Two female ambassadors will again be chosen to be interviewed, Claudia Johnston and Annika Toohey were outstanding representatives of Hockey NSW when interviewed previously. Player Welfare Manager Richard Willis will also be re interviewed.

Brent Plimpton the Community Services Manager for Don’t Mess with Drugs Foundation will continue to build his media profile when he is also re interviewed on December 16. ”These things happen, which is most unfortunate, however, we are lucky that we still have the final presentation on December 16 to come. We have basically had a run through with the previous shooting, now we can do the real thing,“ was his take on the unfortunate mishap.

Chloe Kerr

Chloe Kerr who presented the Don’t Mess with Drugs Major Pilot Program to the 110 athletes over the weekend of November 4/5 will be returning to complete Lesson 3 on December 16/17 with the up and coming hockey stars of the future. Given the setback in getting this story to air, it is likely to screen on Channel Seven News very soon after “shooting” on December 16.

Once the Don’t Mess with Drugs Foundation is aware of when the story will air on Channel Seven News we will publicise it on the website and also notify all concerned immediately. The third major pilot program for Don’t Mess with Drugs is being conducted at Sutherland Football Association and Sutherland Sharks NPL Club on November 30 and December 7.