In arguably the biggest development in the short history of the fledging non for profit charity, DMWD has met with the Department of NSW Sports Minister Stuart Ayres. The meeting was held in the Minister’s office with his Senior Adviser Mark Landrigan. The outcome of the meeting was extremely encouraging with the NSW Sports Minister‘s Department looking to endorse and eventually financially support the DMWD Education Program.
However, before this occurs, discussions with relevant parties must first take place. The Government has indicated they will look to provide financial support through Sport NSW, the peak sport body in this state. DMWD has already received a written endorsement of support from the CEO Darren Simpson and the Board of Sport NSW. Mark Landrigan will now brief the Sports Minister on the meeting and make his recommendation to endorse the DMWD Education Program and fund it through Sport NSW. The Sports Minister will then meet with the Board of Sport NSW. The Minister’s office suggested that the Sports Minister may use the DMWD Education Program as a lead in to the 2019 State Elections when campaigning gets underway in early 2018. The NSW Government endorsement is the first step. This adds great credibility to the DMWD Foundation. The Minister for Sport’s main emphasis with his Department and Sport NSW is rightly about participation, getting young people active and leading healthy lifestyles.


The Department does not normally support Education programs. The fact this Department still looked at an alternative way in which to support the DMWD Education Program is a massive compliment to the Non for Profit charity. Sport NSW has indicated it will support DMWD’s Education Program via the NSW Government. This will mean that 18-24 year olds playing in sport under the administration of Sport NSW will have access to the DMWD Education Program. There’s no doubt the endorsement and anticipated financial support from the NSW Government is the icing on the cake for the DMWD Foundation.

DMWD Founder and Chairman, Daniel Prasad who has been hospitalised of late was
overjoyed with the latest developments. “This is the best medicine I could possibly have,I am blown away by this and it is a clear  indication that Non for Profit can make a meaningful community contribution on a large scale.”
‘The NSW Sports Minister’s emphasis is rightly on participation getting more young people to be actively playing sport and be educated about drugs and other harmful substances.”
‘The fact, the Ministers advisor has seen a way they can support the program through Sport NSW is a massive complement to our program. This is a most significant development for the DMWD Foundation. “

DMWD will report the ongoing developments with the NSW Government as they occur.